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Earth Day tips: 10 green practices to adopt at home

Simple and easy tips to help you go green and save money in the long run.

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Text Vanitha Pavapathi

Let’s celebrate and protect our planet with some of these Earth Day tips that help you go green, save money and make everyday Earth Day!

#1 Turn off the lights when you leave a room

Earth Day tips - Schneider Electric switch

Image courtesy of Schneider Electric

There’s no reason to leave the lights in the bedroom when you’re in the kitchen. If you’re not using it, just turn it off. Make this a habit from today.

#2 Use non-toxic cleaning products

Earth Day Tips - non-toxic cleaning products

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Harsh chemicals are detrimental to the environment and your skin. Opt for the many eco-friendly options available or make your own with staples such as vinegar, rubbing alcohol, baking soda and dish soap.

#3 Lower the water heater temperature

Earth Day tips - lower water heater temperature with Ariston Andris2

Image courtesy of Ariston featuring the new Andris2 storage water heater

With the hot and humid weather in Singapore, it’s absolutely okay to take cold baths/showers and not fall sick. But if you really need to take a hot bath/shower, consider lowering the temperature. The little bit of dip in temperature can save significant energy in the long run.

#4 Cook the right portion

Earth Day tips - cook the right portion

Image courtesy of freepik

It’s undeniable that most Singaporeans live to eat and are guilty of cooking for five when it’s only for two. The intent is to eat the leftover food; but often times, it would be left forgotten in the refrigerator before it ends up in the garbage. According to NEA, the amount of food waste generated in Singapore has increased by about 40 per cent over the past decade. So to avoid letting nature’s resources go to waste, start cooking the right portion.

#5 Use energy efficient appliances

Earth Day tips - use nergy efficient appliances

Image courtesy of freepik

Replace your old, outdated electrical appliances with ones that have ‘Energy Star’ labels, which help save energy without compromising on performance. This simple action will help you save hundred of dollars on electricity over the years.

#6 Take a shorter shower

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A PUB study on water consumption has shown that showering constitutes the highest water usage in a household. So how long should a shower take? As a general rule of thumb, 5 minutes is sufficient and not more than 10 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting precious water and drying out your skin in the process.

#7 Get some houseplants

Earth Day tips - houseplants

Image courtesy of freepik

More is more when it comes to houseplants. They absorb harmful pollutants and help purify the air. So put them in every room if you like. Not to mention, they instantly beautify a space.

#8 Use energy saving light bulbs

Earth Day Tips - change to LED light bulb

Image courtesy of

If you’re still using compact fluorescent light, it’s time to migrate to LED light as it consumes less energy, has a longer lifetime, improved physical robustness and faster switching.

#9 Wash full loads

Earth Day tips - wash a full load

Image courtesy of freepik

It’s better to tackle one large load instead of washing a small load of laundry or dishes everyday. Why? Because you’ll be happier to see your next utilities bill. Besides, who has the time to do all that everyday?

#10 Recycle

Earth Day tips - recycle

Image courtesy of freepik

Last but not least, recycle. That’s only if you’ve exhausted the option of reusing something. Most plastic, paper and glass can be recycled. Just make sure they’re clean. If you’re unsure, here’s a list of items that can and cannot be recycled. This is probably one of the best Earth Day tips I can give you because I’ve seen way too many people putting non-recyclables in the blue bins and contaminating perfectly good recyclables that most likely end up in landfill.

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