5 reasons to love Fisher & Paykel’s new black built-in oven

A black oven is a design staple in contemporary kitchens, but not all ovens are created equal, as Fisher & Paykel’s new built-in ovens show.

  • 5 reasons to love Fisher & Paykel’s new black built-in oven

  • 5 reasons to love Fisher & Paykel’s new black built-in oven

  • 5 reasons to love Fisher & Paykel’s new black built-in oven

Text by Andrew McDonald & Vanitha Pavapathi

#1 Black finish
Fisher & Paykel new black built-in oven Front on External Institu UI Lights on

Black kitchen appliances are bang on trend now and Fisher & Paykel’s 60cm built-in oven series couldn’t have been introduced at a better time. Featuring a full glass front in pure black, and a black anodised aluminium dial, handle and trim, the oven is as handsome as it is powerful.

#2 Minimalist form

The minimalist style of the built-in oven belies the subtle, layered details and textures it boasts – from the brushing on the handle and control panel to the fine machining on the dials. These subtle touches add a sense of sophistication and comfort to the oven, making every touchpoint beautiful to use.

#3 Intuitive user interface

The user interface, too, is minimalist in design but maximalist in function. It stays almost invisible and only springs to life when the dial is turned, which aids in conserving energy. Cooking functions displayed include bake, roast, grill and warm among many others.

#4 Versatile design
Fisher & Paykel new black built-in oven kitchen render compact black intergrated

The monochromatic allure of Fisher & Paykel’s black built-in oven works well in a variety of spaces, taking on the character of the kitchen it inhabits. Naturally complementing the modern trend of darker kitchen finishes, the oven can also work beautifully alongside natural wood styling, or even as an intentionally contrasting feature, standing out in a lighter kitchen environment.

#5 Self-clean capability
Fisher & Paykel new black built-in oven self-clean capability

Nobody likes cleaning the interior of a dirty oven but it has to be done to ensure it runs efficiently. A dirty oven uses more energy to function, resulting in a shorter life span. Designed for those who abhor cleaning, Fisher & Paykel’s new, black built-in oven is able to clean itself with just a touch on its user interface! This alone is enough to win anyone over.

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