CES 2024 reveals cool tech for the home

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas gave us a glimpse into the future with innovations and new technologies since 1967. And the keywords for home life in 2024 have got to be Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability and Digital Health.

  • CES 2024 reveals cool tech for the home

Top image: LG 4K Transparent OLED T
Text by Yen Kien Hang

CES 2024
CES 2024 exhibition

As the world’s most powerful tech platform, the 2024 edition of CES welcomed more than 4,000 exhibiting companies from across the globe to share their innovations that are tackling big global challenges. Also, with a record-breaking number of startups in attendance, finding an idea that will change the world (or just your home life) has never been easier. So here are the four innovations and gadgets that have got us excited.

#1 Any surface can be a TV

LG 4K Transparent OLED T By LG Electronics Inc.

CES 2024

As demonstrated by various well-known home appliance brands, a TV can be a picture frame, a hidden shelf or any wall/floor surface that you like to watch your favourite shows. While projectors are becoming smaller, screens, on the other hand, are getting ‘transparent’.

The world’s first 77-inch UHD transparent OLED TV by LG is like a glass panel, which you can place in between metal frames to create a shelving unit, or just simply mount on walls like a traditional TV setup. When needed, the TV will employ shading technology, creating a dual viewing experience that transitions to a black screen.


#2 Sleep well with the best innovation

Motionsleep By 10minds co. ltd.

CES 2024

Winning “Best of Innovation” at the CES Innovation Awards, this ‘motion-enable’ pillow has been combined with the vital ring to enhance the sleep experience for individuals who snore or face breathing discomfort. It not only intelligently detects snoring sounds but also accurately measures oxygen saturation levels. Through the movement of seven airbags, it dynamically adjusts the positions of the head and back, creating a comfortable breathing environment and reducing snoring. It has also been further enhanced with an increased number of airbags, the vital ring for oxygen saturation measurement, circadian rhythm lighting, and a space-saving charging system, all contributing to improved performance, and usability while adding a touch of sophistication.


#3 Kitchen: The battleground for speed

High-speed Oven by SHARP & Cordless Transparent Graphene Cooker by Graphene Square

CES 2024 Sharp

The smart oven might be all the hype at CES 2024. However, what caught our eye was not quite the ‘gadget-y’ home appliances per se, but rather new ‘speedy’ innovations like SHARP’s High-speed Oven technology or the usage of “Nobel Prize Winning” Graphene. The former is a built-in oven that can significantly reduce cooking times thanks to the industry’s first Gold Carbon Heater: A whole chicken can be roasted in one-third the time of a conventional oven while delivering charcoal grilled flavour! Whilst the latter uses the thinnest (one-atom-thick) and strongest material in the world and will be able to replace 100-year-old coil heaters, with up to 30 per cent lower power consumption and the ability to use Li-ion batteries without direct power cords.



#4 Stay safe with at-home healthcare

GenHome By Attoplex Inc.

We all get annoyed and worried by the fact that Covid-19 is still among us. But rather than stocking up on self-test kits that are unsustainable in terms of plastic use, wouldn’t it be better to have an at-home diagnostics tool that lasts? Much like the common blood pressure monitor, GenHome is designed to be just that by providing rapid, precise results in the palm of your hand, merging the best of molecular and immunodiagnostic tech. Whether you’re a pro or just concerned, pinpointing pathogens like Covid-19 can be done now in under 30 minutes, and with the accuracy to 100 times the precision of conventional rapid tests. Will this be the future of affordable at-home healthcare?


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