Raumplus Mobile by Ewins

Make space with the multipurpose Raumplus Mobile

  • Raumplus Mobile by Ewins

  • Raumplus Mobile by Ewins

In space-starved Singapore, the constant battle for more room is a never-ending war in our homes. As our families or lifestyle changes and evolves, so must our home. Space-planning is important, and so is the ability to reconfigure the furniture to adapt with our changing lives.

Raumplus Mobile by Ewins is a relocation-friendly furniture that combines sliding door technology with a closet interior system. The award-winning design lets you create two distinctly different environments within the same space.
Essentially, the Raumplus Mobile is a flat “pocket” with sliding doors on both the left and right sides. These doors can be pulled out to screen the closet interior. Because of its innovative design, the Mobile can be used as sliding systems or room dividers that bring visual dimension to spaces and keep clutter hidden from sight.


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