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Quality leather sofas just got more affordable

A leather sofa is not just beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit on, but a worthy investment that you can now more easily attain, thanks to two forward-thinking Italian sofa brands carried by Furniture Club.

Text by Janice Seow

Leather sofas are a popular choice among homeowners in Singapore and indeed, all around the world. Their allure is undeniable. Leather sofas are easier to clean and tend to last longer than their fabric counterparts. The soft and buttery feel of quality leather on the skin, the beautiful patina that some leathers afford, and their sophisticated aesthetic often also make them a prime option for those with the cash to spend.

Quality leather sofas are usually deemed a luxury purchase, but Furniture Club is changing the game in Singapore. The company carries two forward-thinking furniture brands that have made it their mission to produce quality leather sofas at reasonable prices, thus making them more readily accessible to those who wish to own one.

Established in Italy in 1956, Alpa Salotti continues to manufacture all its sofas in its Italian factories. Sixty years of artisanal knowledge have been passed down through the generations and today, the sofas are still handmade by skilled craftsmen, and subjected to rigorous quality controls. Working with both in-house as well as renowned Italian designers such as leading architect Danilo Bonfanti, Alpa Salotti’s sofas have gained a reputation for their fine materials, finishes, stitching and detailing, their wide and comfortable seats and backs, and the limitless number of relaxing positions they offer.

Notably, thanks to economies of scale and the elimination of unnecessary markups, the company is able to offer their quality sofas at affordable prices.

Ego Italiano is another furniture house that’s making 100% Italian made, quality leather sofas accessible to the masses. Set up in 2007 in Matera, Italy, this young entrepreneurial company differentiates itself with a ‘return to the essence’ approach to upholstered furniture and a strong business model that has it offering the best value to its customers.

Alpa Salotti and Ego Italiano offer sofas in full-grain leather, which is recognised at the best quality leather in the market thanks to its luxurious, smooth surface and the beautiful patina it attains over time. Both companies also offer top-grain leather sofas, which is the second highest grade leather in the market – and also very popular, given its durability and easy availability. For those who anticipate heavy use of their sofa, the brands’ corrected and pigmented leather options could make an ideal choice.

A savvy shopper knows that its never too early to shop for furniture for ones new house. Waiting for the keys to your new BTO flat? For a limited time only, Furniture Club is offering ‘Singapore’s First Ever 100% Sofa Rebate’ on Alpa Salotti and Ego Italiano premium Italian sofas. Simply own a set of the store’s selected top line Italian-made models, redeem an instant 25% redemption on the second item, and enjoy 75% redemption on any item after the first 12 months.

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