Moll Collection from Ergokid

Moll’s furniture is designed to adapt to the needs of growing children…

  • Moll Collection from Ergokid

  • Moll Collection from Ergokid

Too often, children are made to adapt to environments designed for adults. While convenient, it is not necessarily in the best interest of the young ones since their growing bodies are essentially different from adult’s. For this reason, Moll created the world’s first height-adjustable desk for children and young adults with a tiltable desktop and anti-slip features.

The Moll Young Office System remains a leader in today’s market. It is available as a flexible kit of parts that include a desk, shelves, a chair, and more. These parts can be added and subtracted according to a child’s changing needs. Adaptable in five aspects – width, height, depth, function and colour – the system is also very safe, thanks to sturdy construction and well-detailed components. All these add to a conducive studying environment that kids can feel comfortable in and enjoy. 


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