Make your own fizzy drinks with SodaStream

Enjoy sparkling water, carbonated drinks and fizzy sodas at home with SodaStream

Make your own fizzy drinks with SodaStream

Not only are fizzy drinks and carbonated sodas bad for your health, but the disposable containers they come in are also bad for the environment!

You can now make your own sparkling water and carbonated beverages in a matter of seconds with SodaStream. This revolutionary countertop machine provides a fast and simple way of enjoying delicious fizzy drinks at home while reducing the money you’ll spend and the unnecessary waste you’ll leave behind. 
Fans of flavoured sodas can jazz up their sparkling water with SodaStream’s special range of soda mix flavours. The flavourings use natural cane sugar and contain less calories and carbohydrates as compared to store-bought soft drinks. There are 23 mixes ranging from exotic fruit flavours, energy drink flavours, lemonade and cocktail mixes. The health-conscious can even opt for the ‘diet’ options. 

 SodaStream is available at leading departmental stores, including Takashimaya.


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