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Luxur Home carries contemporary furniture from brands such as LUSH, MatzForm and MoreLess.

  • Luxur Home

Furniture specialist Luxur Home houses several brands in its spacious showrooms, making furniture shopping a breeze for all homeowners. The contemporary furniture brands are appropriate for the modern urban lifestyle, balancing form with function while keeping true to a high standard of quality.

The brands under the Luxur Home banner include LUSH, MoreLess, MatzForm and LaCreation. The range of furniture brands appeal to a wide range of homeowners, from the stylish and trendy to the iconic and classical.
The MXM Hans Sofa (pictured above), is an example of the furniture under the LUSH brand name. Expect to find equally contemporary home furniture in this collection. You might spot some familiar shapes, as LUSH also carries modern reinterpretation of iconic furniture designs.

Another example of the on-trend pieces in the LUSH collection is the Gioco bookcase. This playful shelf puts a smile on your face without appearing childish or overly whimsical.

The Fireplace chair is part of the MatzForm collection, which consists of furniture rooted in the Scandinavian design ethos of beauty and functionality.


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