Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

We celebrate the 50th issue of Lookbox Living magazine with total revamp from the inside out.

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

  • Lookbox Living: Issue 50 out now

Everything’s changed.

We’re proud to unveil the all-new Lookbox Living magazine, now out on newsstands! Hot on the heels of the revamped Lookbox Annual and refreshed website, Lookbox Living magazine has gone through a complete makeover from the inside out.

What’s new?

The magazine now comes in a more compact size that’s handier to carry around. This change in size means you can easily bring the magazine with you, from appointments with your IDs to furniture shopping at the mall.

We’ve upgraded the physical quality of the magazine, going for a more premium paper stock that’s simply luxurious to the touch. This new paper also makes the magazine a joy to flip through.

The design of the magazine has been tweaked, giving way to an aesthetic that’s sophisticated and polished yet clear and concise. We have cleaner layouts, friendlier fonts and large pictures that are designed to pop out of the page.

The content of the magazine has been refined and is presented in an authoritative, yet friendly, tone. We’ve packed the magazine with high-impact articles, quality editorial and thought-provoking stories that are designed to get you thinking.

What’s in this issue?

The revamp of the magazine comes at an opportune time. Firstly, it’s our 50th issue and there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than with a new look and streamlined content. But just as importantly, this happens to be our Design Issue.

We’ve taken the opportunity to question the importance of the design, both in and out of our homes. For example, why are more and more people drawn to a “disposable lifestyle”, where quality isn’t as important as affordability? We also ask, Why is designer furniture so expensive, and why are their designers such big deals?

This issue also checks in to the homes of some of Singapore’s brightest creatives from the design industry. We visited the homes of interior designers, stylists and even an architect, to see how they’ve done up their own place.¬†What better way to see design in action than to see how the professionals live in their own homes?





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