The Lookbox Edit 02: The latest designs in tune with nature

From sustainable wood furniture to nature-inspired products, we pick the latest designs to have at home.

The Lookbox Edit 02: The latest designs in tune with nature

Text by Janice Seow

#1 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Island Living by Cocoon

Island Living by Cocoon embodies a fresh, laid-back approach to living. Products are made from natural materials such as sustainable rattan and reclaimed teak wood, and are functional yet stylish.

For those with kids, the Nami Chest of Drawers (top image) brings functionality and a touch of the tropics to the nursery. It has three large soft closing drawers, natural rattan cane panels, and a removable change table too. The product is made from MDF and white cedar wood that comes from ecologically managed forests, while the water-based paints and varnishes ensure that it is free from harmful solvents and fumes.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

Compact yet superbly multipurpose, the handmade wooden trolley is well-suited for modern apartments. It has multiple drawers and wine/bottle storage so you can keep everything you need for entertaining close to you. The extendable table top can be put down for storage when not in use.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

Island Living by Cocoon

#2 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Nat Maks collection at BODE

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

The story behind this ‘Seascape’ marble wall art is as fascinating as the piece itself.

Part of the Nat Maks collection by German designer and illustrator Natascha Maksimovic, the wallpaper is created using the ancient Japanese marbling technique called ‘Suminagashi’ or ‘floating ink’, which most likely originated in China over 2000 years ago.

In this special process, inks are carefully floated on water and air is blown across with a bamboo straw, allowing them to move and expand in an organic way. A print is then made by placing and moving the paper gently on the water. Each wall panel is thus an utterly individual piece of abstract art. The imperfections are celebrated and is what makes them unique.

The Nat Maks collection is available exclusively at BODE

#3 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Gathering Table from NOMI

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

NOMI from Australia focuses on craftsmanship and honesty of material. The company creates furniture pieces that are multi-use and ideal for work, home and play. Best of all, its products are made and delivered in an environmentally responsible way.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

Gathering Table is part of NOMI’s offering of handcrafted timber furniture that can be customised online. The product sports a robust, simple design and is equally suited as a large meeting/work desk, and as a dining table. It can be configured in any length and in three standard heights.


#4 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Stone-inspired tiles from riceLAB

The Lookbox edit 02 shopping
Imola Brixstone

There are more great options for stone-look interiors at home. Four new stone-inspired tile collections have landed at riceLAB, and each has its own distinct concept so you can find the one that best resonates with you.

The Lookbox Edit nature shopping
Imola Sicily

Imola Sicily carries subtle tonal variations, while Imola Brixstone enjoys a rugged appeal which it owes to the sedimentary limestone from the Appalachian Mountains in North America.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired
Ragno Eterna

Ragno Eterna has inserts evocative of sea shells and its CleanOut Anti-bacterial Protection ensures your surfaces are kept hygienic at all times.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired
Florim Sensi

Florim Sensi was conceptualised by architect Matteo Thun. Its real beauty surfaces when light it thrown at it, and its naturalistic texture and delicate colouration are revealed.


#5 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Kelly Hoppen for de Gournay

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

Renowned British interior designer Kelly Hoppen’s series of handmade wallpaper designs for de Gournay are inspired by her East meets West aesthetic and extensive travels through Asia.

The seven designs explore traditional Asian iconography and motifs, and are crafted by de Gournay’s artists using their latest hand embroidery techniques. The metallic thread, beading and relief-effect decoupage, and hand painted grounds bring Hoppen’s designs to life.

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

“I wanted to create a dream collection that encompasses everything I love about East meets West and that incorporates luxurious textures,” says the designer.

de Gournay is available at Tatum

#6 The Lookbox Edit 02 – Woodcessories at antė

The Lookbox Edit 02 shopping nature inspired

Sustainable accessories for work – that’s what you get with the new line of Woodcessories now available at antė. All Woodcessories products are handmade. The wood are also selected by hand and come from sustainable forestry.

A symbiosis of nature and technology, the MagPad (above) from the new line is an easy, wireless charging device for your home office (or corporate one) that’s made from nylon fiber and walnut wood. The integrated magnetic core allows for docking and charging of your iPhone 12 within seconds, enabling fast charging from 0-100% with constant 10 Watt power. It is compatible with Apple MagSafe Cases, Slim cases, and QI devices. Control sensors prevent overheating and overcharging, making it safe for daily use.

* Shop and do a bit of good! For every product that Woodcessories sells, “Trees for the Future” plants a tree and supports farming in regions like Uganda and Kenya.

Shop Woodcessories online or at antė

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