Lamitak’s Rialto Pine Laminate

Lamitak’s Rialto Pine laminate matches visual drama with textural intensity

Lamitak’s Rialto Pine Laminate

Laminate specialist Lamitak brings high quality yet stylishly relevant finishing surfaces to both businesses and homeowners. The company innovates design, and has developed a way to match style with superior surface quality while providing the ultimate performance levels.

One such example is Lamitak’s Rialto Pine laminate, inspired by the unique waterlogged beauty of the timber mooring posts in Venice. This rough timber design celebrates the harsh effects of water with deep grooves, accentuated knots and staining. 
The effect is a laminate that looks and feels exactly like weathered wood, but without the of concern for splinters. The Rialto Pine matches visual drama with textural intensity to capture the power of natural effects. 


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