Incanto Chimney Hoods from Turbo

Turbo’s new chimney hoods, the Incanto TD8188-BK and TD8688-BK make a bold design statement in any kitchen

Incanto Chimney Hoods from Turbo
For the longest time, homeowners in Singapore have looked at their kitchen as a room that’s best kept hidden from visiting guests. These days however, the kitchen has regained its title as the ‘heart of the home’. Homeowners want this space to be fully functional and at the same time, look just a sleek and sophisticated as the rest of their home. 
Turbo’s new chimney hoods are perfect for homeowners who want a balance of form and function. The Incanto TD8188-BK and TD8688-BK can easily become the centrepiece of your kitchen. These hoods come with slick, black exteriors that make an eye-catching focal point. 
But it’s not just beauty that makes the Incanto hoods so special; they come with some nifty features as well. The hoods are equipped with built-in LED lamps, they have a ‘change filter’ indicator, and the four-speed control can be activated with a touch of a finger. 
Turbo hobs and hoods are available at Courts, Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Audio House and all gas, electrical and hardware/sanitaryware shops.


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