These JBL speakers respond to ‘Okay Google’

This cool JBL x Google collaboration is smart, loud and immersive.

  • These JBL speakers respond to ‘Okay Google’

  • These JBL speakers respond to ‘Okay Google’

  • These JBL speakers respond to ‘Okay Google’

Soon after the Singapore launch of the Google Home, comes a powerful new home gadget. Harman and Samsung owned subsidiary, JBL, launched the newest line of robust speakers bent on turning your regular home into a smart one. Enter the JBL Link Series – the first voice-activated JBL speakers with inbuilt Google Assistant.

Google Home was released in Singapore in April 2018. This new collaboration between JBL and Google allows these Link speakers to work exactly like the Google Mini and Google Home with one major difference – the powerful JBL sound. The Link series features four models – Link 10, 20, 300 and 500 – in different sizes and price points.

With a simple ‘Okay Google’ or ‘Hey Google’, you can perform a number of tasks like play Netflix on your TV (via Chromecast), listen to Spotify, find information online, set alarms and reminders, broadcast messages via linked speakers around the house and more. Apart from the booming sound quality, one of the major advantages of this series is its portability. Only are Link 10 and 20 waterproof, they are also portable with 5 and 10 hours of battery life respectively.



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