10 reasons to start living smart with Google Home

Singaporeans can now use their voice to turn on the TV, watch the latest Avengers trailer on YouTube, check their appointments and turn off the aircon.

  • 10 reasons to start living smart with Google Home

  • 10 reasons to start living smart with Google Home

  • 10 reasons to start living smart with Google Home

  • 10 reasons to start living smart with Google Home

Text by Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

It’s been an exciting few days for tech lovers in Singapore. After Google’s debut installation at Milan Design Week, the tech giants officially launched Google Home in Singapore on April 18. The line of smart home hardware includes Google Home, Google Home Mini and other Made by Google devices that can now be bought online on Google Store and at all Courts outlets.

With Singapore actively moving towards becoming a smart nation, hands-free assistants like Google Home are bound to revolutionalise the way we live. Here are 10 reasons why you should start living ‘smart’ right now.

#1 Get a personal assistant
The Google Home and Mini have an inbuilt Google Assistant. It understands Singlish, adds appointments to your calendar, updates your shopping list and even turns on the TV to your favourite Netflix show. You just have to talk to it. Right now, it’s capable of undertaking one million actions.

We love that you can register up to six accounts so that everyone at home can enjoy a personalised experience. It recognises voices – all you have to do is wake it up with an “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” and interact with the world hands-free.

#2 It’s pretty affordable
For a futuristic product that introduces us to smart living, the Google Home and Mini are affordably priced at S$189 and S$79.

They are sold online on Google Store as well as select brick and mortar stores including all Courts outlets. To get you started, Courts is running several promotional discounts until June 30, 2018. They are also handing out complimentary Google Home and Mini devices on the purchase of certain gadgets and gizmos.

If you want to try it out before taking the plunge, Courts has put together a Smart Home Experiential Hub at the flagship Megastore at Tampines. To help convert your house into a smart home, the brand also retails over 30 compatible accessories and appliances.

#3 It looks good
Sleek, neutral in colour and contemporary in design, it will fit right into your HDB or condo’s interiors.

#4 Coolest way to start your day
Simply say “Hey Google, tell me about my day” and get a quick lowdown on your appointments, the weather, route to work as well as the headlines.

#5 Like a local
It has been updated to understand our accent and commonly used words. Ask how to get to work and you’ll get real-time information about the bus, MRT and traffic in Singapore. You can listen to local podcasts, news, radio and even check your Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flight status.

#6 Homework buddy & chef’s helper 
Even kids can ask it homework related questions and instantly get accurate information from the World Wide Web. In the kitchen, it will read out recipes and remember your shopping list too.

#7 Keep calm and command
That’s right, no more fighting over who turns the lights off or turns on the coffee machine in the morning.

Apart from interacting with Android and Smart TVs (via Chromecast), you can now control the fan, lights, kettle and other regular appliances around the house with your voice even if they are not ‘smart’. By attaching them to a compatible third-party smart plug, the Google Assistant can turn them on/off.

#8 Synchronised living
Everything is connected to your Google account, which essentially gives you greater control over your life. Update your calendar via your phone, and your Google Assistant at home knows in a jiffy.

#9 Better together
For a more coordinated experience around the house, you can group a few Google Home or Minis together. Hear the same music as you move from room to room, broadcast messages to other rooms and get hands-free help in every nook and corner.

#10 Play games with the family
Have fun with the whole family with inbuilt trivia games. It turns into a game master, asks questions and keeps score. And if you’re really bored, it will also tell you jokes and give cheeky replies to cheeky questions.



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