Home Reno: The best types of paints and colours for your home

Here’s what you need to know about choosing paint, and the best colours to paint your rooms at home.

  • Home Reno: The best types of paints and colours for your home

  • Home Reno: The best types of paints and colours for your home

Text by Louisa Clare Lim

There are many different types of paint in the market, so which do you choose?

If health is a concern (and it should be!), don’t just choose any paint. Look out for those that are less toxic, so that you create a better and safer environment at home. Also, since colours influence our moods and greatly impact the look and feel of our spaces, it helps to know about colour psychology before deciding what colour to paint your walls.

Nippon Paint clues us in on identifying toxic substances, while Dulux shares insights on colour and what’s ideal for the various rooms of the home.


– Heavy metals

These are commonly added to paint as pigment and drying agents, and can be extremely toxic in the long term.

– Organic solvents

These are essential components for paint to dry, and release toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the drying process.



– Water-based (instead of oil-based) paint

This generally contains lower levels of VOCs, which is what gives off the “fresh paint” smell and is harmful to humans and pets.

– Singapore Green Building Label

This labelling scheme for environmentally friendly products recognises paints that are less harmful to health.



nippon paint pack shots

– You are ultra-sensitive:

Nippon Paint Odour-less Medifresh is recognised by Singaporeans as the most odourless paint in 2015. Virtually VOC-free and enhanced with anti-microbial protection, it’s great for creating a safe environment.

– You have young kids:

Nippon Paint Easy Wash features the Teflon Surface Protector, which is resistant to household stains and is easily cleaned. This paint combats cheeky kids who unleash their artistic side on the walls!

 – Your space is bug-infested:

Nippon Paint Mozzie Guard has passed an independent toxicology test and is registered with the National Environmental Agency (NEA). It features a mosquito mortality rate of over 90 per cent.




– For the living room:


Orange is a great colour for the living room, as the warm, friendly and youthful colour conveys a sense of energy and vitality. Yellow also works as this shade is associated with feelings of happiness, exuberance and positivity. This creates a cosy and welcoming vibe for your family and friends to gather.

Try: Cinnabar


– For the dining room:

dulux grey

Coming home to a place where you can relax and rejuvenate is ideal, especially after a long, stressful day. For pleasant and uplifting meals, pale and cool colours such as purple and blue do the trick. If you entertain often, a light backdrop is also more versatile when it comes to having different decor and tablescapes.

Try: Snow Lilac or Lavender Meadow


– For the kitchen:

dulux yellow

For a perky look (and to help brighten narrower spaces) that will put you in a good mood when cooking or washing up, don’t be afraid to use a bright shade of yellow. Just limit the bright colour to specific areas, and be sure to select a matt finish, to control the drama and reflective glare.

Try: Rustic Drama


– For the bedroom:


Light blue shades that remind of the sky or water have the best calming effect – apparently, the shade even slows heart rates! – making them great for a restful, soothing bedroom. Greyish-blues work great as well, especially suitable for a space with a masculine colour palette. However, avoid choosing a shade that is too dark, as this might make the space look more enclosed and result in a suffocating feeling if painted all over.  Or use the darker shade for a feature wall and incorporate lighter blues into the mix for a layered effect. A tip is to add in plants, as greenery complements blue walls to enhance the relaxed ambience.

Try: Still Waters, Smoke Grey, or Marina Blue


– For children’s rooms:

dulux green

Create an environment that facilitates creativity, opting for colours such as gentle shades of green, balanced with neutrals. This helps in creating an open and inviting space that encourages exploration.

Try: Apple Grove


Information from Nippon Paint and Akzonobel.



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