Georg Jensen Damask by Danish Design

Georg Jensen Damask has a rich and exciting history in a very 
special textile tradition.

Georg Jensen Damask by Danish Design

Luxury damask, characterised by its dense, fine-threaded quality and beautiful relief patterns is a textile with 
a remarkable history.

The material, which has for centuries been a mark of luxury, originated in China during the Han Dynasty when it was used for producing colourful, precious silk fabrics exclusive to the rich.

Its characteristic pattern effect comes from a unique craft technique – the alternating dominance of warp and weft that is further reinforced by the use of two different yarn colours. The technique came to the Orient via the Silk Road and Damascus in Syria became the centre of the damask weaving technique. And when it comes to the development and elevation of this special textile into the exotic, and highly sought after product that it is today, one company has been playing an instrumental role.


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