Ego Magnetficent by Galanga Living

The award-winning Ego Magnetficent range turns on the charms with its clever and elegant design.

Ego Magnetficent by Galanga Living

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple, smart idea. The Ego Magnetficent textile range, designed for use in the kitchen, features the addition of a magnet into each product. This means that the products, which include tea towels, oven mitts and grill groves, can be hung up almost anywhere, eliminating the need for straps on the products and hooks in the kitchen.

Wondering how it’s done? The magnet is sewn into a small corner scallop of each product, which ensures that the magnet does not get in the way while you are using it.

If you are thinking that is all there is to it, however, the Ego Magnetficent range offers something more. Each product is specially made from bamboo and viscose fibre, which keep it soft to the touch and give it a silky sheen. Designed for use in the kitchen, the fabrics are moisture-absorbent, with three times the absorbency of cotton. Plus, each product from the range comes with natural anti-bacterial properties and dries instantly.


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