EF from Casa

EF’s ovens make whipping up a meal a breeze even for all who enjoys cooking.

EF from Casa

With many extolling the virtues of baked, roasted and other oven-cooked foods, it is little wonder that getting an oven for their kitchen is a prerequisite for many home owners. After all, using an oven to cook one’s food is convenient, easy and has been proven to be very healthy as well. Of the myriad of oven options out in the market, EF offers one of the most comprehensive ranges, including the BN 1950 S built in oven and the BM 258 A built-in microwave oven.

The BN 1950 S is a quality oven that is crafted to perfection in Italy. It features a mirror glass façade that would fit in nicely with almost any kind of kitchen setting. The built-in oven features a capacity of 59 litres and has five basic functions: top and bottom heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat with fan, bottom heat with fan, and grill with fan. With a maximum temperature of 250°C and cavity dimensions measuring (W) 560 x (H) 580-583 x (D) 550mm, the oven can easily handle large pieces of roast.

For those who need their appliances to be multi-functional, the BM 258 A microwave oven is right up your alley. As its name suggests, it is a microwave oven with multiple afunctions – it has nine preset menus that let you cook a variety of meals in no time at all. The oven has an impressive 900W microwave power as well as a 1000W grill power. Six power levels offer versatility while digital controls ensure utmost precision when putting in your settings. A 25L capacity makes it a nice size for apartment kitchens too.

EF has long been a leading purveyor of kitchen appliances, helping you create delicious home-cooked meals in a cinch. The BN 1950 S and the BM 258 A are
no exceptions.  


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