Earth Saving LED by Optiled

Optiled shows the way forward with the earth-saving, cost-reducing LED technology.

Earth Saving LED by Optiled

To be concerned for the environment is a part of everyday life for many people today. Given the changing dynamics of the planet, everyone is trying to be sustainable in their own way. It helps immensely when manufacturers make this easy to do. One such company is Optiled, who has been a global pioneer in developing and providing lighting solutions with the use of LED (light emitting diodes) technology.

LED, compared to its earlier light source predecessors, incandescent and fluorescent, is produced without toxic materials, and is more effective. A five-watt LED bulb gives the same bright light as a 35-watt halogen lamp. This means you use less energy, and not only in terms of light. With hardly any heat diffused that increases interior temperature, you don’t need to overwork your air conditioning, thus reducing carbon emissions. Also, LED lamps tend to last longer. This prevents frequent replacement of light bulbs, or in short, less wastage. 


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