Create a stunning aquarium for your home

The biOrb by OASE aquariums offers a myriad of design possibilities that are easy to explore.

  • Create a stunning aquarium for your home

  • Create a stunning aquarium for your home

  • Create a stunning aquarium for your home

  • Create a stunning aquarium for your home

  • Create a stunning aquarium for your home

Text by Rossara Jamil

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Life 15L Main Room Set

Gazing at aquariums have been found to benefit physical and mental health by reducing stress, heart rate and blood pressure. For first-time aquatic lovers, the process of setting up and designing an aquarium might be daunting. It no longer has to be the case with the BiOrb by OASE aquariums.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Classic 30L Main Room Set

Making your dream underwater world a reality is simple. biOrb aquariums are available in various shapes and sizes – round, rectangular and tubular. You are bound to find an ideal piece for any space in the home. When you’ve decided on the shape and size, you can choose from decorative sculptures designed exclusively for biOrb by award-winning aqua-scaping artist Samuel Baker. These sculptures and ornaments mimic natural elements found in the sea such as coral reefs, roots and shrubs, and mussels and stones. The sculptures can also serve as the decorative sheathing of the air tube for a seamless underwater design.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Flow 30L Main Room Set

The aquariums are equipped with multi-colour range (MCR) lighting. With up to 16 colours, it allows you to create a variety of lighting moods, all easily controlled using a remote control. With the right lighting, you can even place an aquarium in the bedroom to lull the mind before sleep. East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre’s physical store has a selection of live set-ups of the biOrb tanks, ranging from 15 litres to 105 litres, so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

biOrb by Oase aquarium - Halo 15L Main Room Set

There’s also no need to set up filters and pumps separately. Aside from the aquarium and fish, you’ll need a dechlorinator and bacteria booster for the water, a patented five-stage filter system, LED light, air pump, air stone and biOrb-exclusive ceramic media. Attach the air hose, which is already connected to the aquarium, to the air pump – and the rest is a breeze! A snap and twist biOrb service kit lets you clean, maintain and change the water with little fuss. Everything that you need and want to beautify your aquarium can be found at East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre’s website.

BiOrb by OASE

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