Christina by Sansei

Turning your bathroom into your favourite space at home is easy with Sansei’s impressive selection of bathroom fittings.

Christina by Sansei

The bathroom is probably one of the unsung heroes in the domestic scene. It is not only where we get to indulge in cleansing rituals, but also where we get to relax in peace and quiet while we’re at it. So its reasons that getting the very best for your bathroom should be a priority. It may not be the easiest of tasks – finding a showerhead to match that dream bathtub or getting the right fixtures for the perfect sink – but Sansei helps to make it all a little easier.

Sansei, a company incorporated in 1973, is a long-standing bathroom fixtures and accessories specialist that is attuned to the needs of discerning consumers in search of innovative and on-trend bathroom products. It keeps abreast of the latest developments in bathroom design, as well as trends in interior design and architecture. Because of this, the company has gained a reputation for products with high standards in design, innovation and quality.


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