Blanc Wok by Happiness

Treat your family to food that’s cleaner and healthier when you cook with Blanc Wok’s nano-ceramic cookware.

Blanc Wok by Happiness

Health conscious folk concerned about the non-stick surface in cookware contaminating their food will be pleased to learn of Blanc Wok’s latest eco-friendly, nano-ceramic cookware ($75 onwards) that has easy-clean surfaces that remain safe for cooking over a wide temperature range.

Using Korean nano-ceramic technology, these surfaces are far superior to the traditional dark and non-stick cookware most people have in their kitchens. Blanc co-founder and nano-ceramic pioneer Justin Hung explains: “Traditional dark and non-stick cookware uses polytetra-fluoroetylene (PTFE). Research has shown that these surfaces are highly toxic and carcinogenic under excessive overheating, so it has been deliberately dyed dark as a concealment of its own problem.” To that end, Blanc Wok’s cookware’s surfaces are all white so that they don’t mask dirt.


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