Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

Avoid breaking your back with these ergonomic options.

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

  • Ergonomic chair: The best of 2020 and where to get them

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

With stricter safe distancing measures announced by Ministry of Health (MOH) on 24 March 2020 to suppress the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore, an increasing number of people have moved their workplace from the office to their homes. The Lookbox Living team is no exception.

While it’s great to have an extra hour of sleep and not having to commute to work at all, my body isn’t liking the change at all. I don’t know about you but my back is already taking a beating and my hip flexors are tightening up from sitting on an uncomfortable chair for 8 hours a day; and it’s only been a week!

Unlike my office chair that flexibly adjusts to my seating positions, the one I have at home is as hard as a rock. No amount of chair pad or lumbar pillow helps. So I’m thinking of sneaking into the office to take the ergonomic chair back home for use. Who knows how long I’ll need to work from home for. If you’re in this predicament, I urge you to do the same. But if you can’t, then it’s best to invest in an ergonomic chair. Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish. Trust me, your back and hips will thank you for it. Here are some great options.

#1 Akron Desk Chair by District Eight, S$1,045
ergonomic chair - Akron Desk Chair by District Eight from Journey East

Yes, it may look like something from circa 1930s, albeit a modern interpretation, this uncomplicated desk chair looks good in the home office and the living space. With a solid oak backrest, brass detailing and hand stitched leather seat with a frame of cast iron and tube steel, this is one handsome looking chair to work in. The height is adjustable too. Available at Journey East.

#2 Capisco 8106 Chair by HÅG, from $S1,505
ergonomic chair - Capisco 8106 Chair by HÅG

Shaped like a horseback rider’s posture with a saddle seat, the Capisco chair by HÅG is undoubtedly one unique-looking chair that offers endless ways to sit: front ways, back ways and sideways. The saddle seat can also be adjusted between low and high working positions, all the way up to a standing position, enabling you to be more dynamic in your movements. Available at Flokk Asia (Lazada), Danish Design Co. and W. Atelier

#3 All Plastic Chair by Vitra, $S495
ergonomic chair - All Plastic Chair by Vitra

Like its name suggests, the All Plastic Chair is made of dyed-through polypropylene to achieve its vivid appearance and flexible structure. Though not immediately apparent, its backrest is attached to the frame with resilient connectors that allow it to flex in response to the sitter’s movement. This ergonomic chair that is reminiscent of classic wooden chair comes in a choice of two-tone colours and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Available at Vitra.

#4 FALK Chair by Houe, S$888
ergonomic chair - FALK Chair by Houe from P5 Studio

Made from post-consumer plastic recycled directly from household waste, the FALK chair is lightweight in structure. A chair that has a seemingly floating silhouette and a flexible back that follows your body movement is sure to provide outstanding seating comfort. Available at P5 Studio.

#5 Rover Chair by Commune, from S$249
ergonomic chair - Rover Chair by Commune

Dark tropical wood and traditional British tweed inspire this rustic-modern chair from the Rover collection. Constructed out of solid rubber with brass-finished caps, the frame is sanded and curved to create a distinct softness. This complements the upholstery perfectly well and looks great in any setting. Additionally, the slight curve on its back provide subtle lumbar support that makes for a pleasurable sitting experience. Available with or without armrests at Commune.

#6 Cosm Chair by Herman Miller, from S$1,779
ergonomic chair - Cosm Chair by Herman Miller from XTRA

Whether you prefer low, mid or high back support, Cosm has it all. Its revolutionary Auto-Harmonic Tilt responds to the slightest movements, providing a balanced recline and instant, personalised comfort, no matter who sat in the chair before you. This allows you to change posture without sacrificing function and support. The ergonomic chair is available in one hue from top to bottom. Or mix and match with any of the six colours on the suspension and frame. Availaible at XTRA.

#7 I-FIT AIR chair by iloom, S$499
ergonomic chair - I-FIT AIR chair by iloom from Metro

Having a desk chair that offers comfort and support is essential. The I-FIT AIR by iloom comes in a mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable. The chair also features adjustable headrest and lumbar support. You can adjust them in all four directions – forward, backward, upward and downward – to provide the support your body needs. Exclusively available at Metro Paragon.

#8 Husk chair by B&B Italia, S$3,975 in premium leather
ergonomic chair - Husk chair by B&B Italia from Space Furniture

This is probably one chair you would plant your bottom on for hours, although it’s recommended for you to get up and stretch every hour or so. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the body is shaped with a design that cites the capitonné style, conveying a feeling of softness. It’s like being cocooned by soft pillows. The cushions are available in fabric or leather with many colour variants and combinations to choose from. Available at Space Furniture.

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