3 benefits of having a biOrb by Oase aquarium

biOrb by Oase aquariums are stylish, easy to set up and low maintainance. They also come in different shapes and sizes to fit both your budget and aquarium needs.

  • 3 benefits of having a biOrb by Oase aquarium

  • 3 benefits of having a biOrb by Oase aquarium

  • 3 benefits of having a biOrb by Oase aquarium

  • 3 benefits of having a biOrb by Oase aquarium

Text by Sandra Campbell

#1 It beautifies your space
biOrb by Oase aquarium - Classic 30L Main Room Set

Be it round, rectangular or oblong shaped, the mesmerising underwater world of biOrb by OASE aquarium sports a chic and minimalist design that takes the philosophy of functional beauty to the next level. Think of it as an enlarged snow globe that elevates any interior style instantly, coupled with its multi-colour range (MCR) lighting. Create extraordinary lighting moods in your home with up to 16 colours. Plus, the illumination can be easily adjusted using a remote control. The way your biOrb is illuminated thus creates a very personal atmosphere.

#2 It comforts and minimises stress
biOrb by Oase aquarium - Flow 30L Main Room Set

The calming, zen experience of aquarium-gazing has been proven to provide stress and anxiety relief, increase feelings of relaxation and cheeriness, and reduce muscle tension. British researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth University, who collaborated with the National Marine Aquarium to monitor changes in people’s physical and mental health after aquarium-gazing, found that it also decreases the heart rate and blood pressure.

#3 It’s easy to install and manage
biOrb by Oase aquarium - Tube 30L Main Room Set

What’s most pleasing about the beautifully shaped biOrb aquarium is its intelligent design. You do not need to be an expert to get this lifestyle enhancer going. Setup and installation are quite simple and everything you need to get started – besides the fish and fish food, of course – is included. You can expect a water dechlorinator and bacteria booster for the water, a patented five-stage filter system, LED light, air pump, air stone and biOrb-exclusive ceramic media. It also comes with the snap and twist biOrb service kit that makes cleaning, maintenance and water changing easy-peasy once you do them regularly. Another plus: air hose comes connected with the aquarium – you will just need to connect the air hose to the air pump, then connect the wire for air pump and lights to the transformer after all the set-up are done in the tank and water filled in, and you’re good to go!

Other important things to note
biOrb by Oase aquarium - Life 15L Main Room Set

These aquariums are so enrapturing with just the vibrant and colourful sculptures that you don’t need to add fish. However, should you choose a biOrb as a happy home for your fish, a rule of thumb to follow would be:
Betta (fighting fish): 1 per any biOrb
Goldfish: 1 per every 10 litres
Molly: 1 per every 3 litres
Honey gourami/neon tetra/guppy: 1 per every 3 litres

All that you need can be purchased online at East Ocean Aquatic Trading Centre’s website or its physical store.

BiOrb by OASE

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