Belankoâ„¢ Switches by Legrand

Legrand launches Belankoâ„¢, a broad new range of wiring devices.

Belankoâ„¢ Switches by Legrand

In a world of rife with complex products clamouring for your attention, Legrand’s belief in simple, straightforward products is refreshing to say the least. Its Belanko™ range of wiring devices was birthed precisely from this belief. Simple, streamlined and easy to use, Belanko™ rids you of all that is complicated and unnecessary.

Knowing full well that each home owner has a different set of requirements, the switches in the Belanko™ range let you determine configurations specific to your home. You can choose between small rockers, which hold 
one to six gangs, and large rockers, which host up to four gangs. Beyond that, the 
wide assortment of Belanko™ switches also allows for dimming solutions for intricate lighting variations.


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