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Beat the heat: Design led solutions that are eco-friendly

Regardless of your style and budget, here’s how you can keep your home cool without the use of air conditioner.

  • Featured is KDK U48FP ceiling fan. Interior design by Posh Living Interior Design

  • Featured is KDK U60FW ceiling fan. Interior design by E+e Design_Build

  • Featured is KDK N40HS stand fan

Text by Vivian Teh

Through much of the Asia Pacific, summer is defined by its scorching temperatures, those long, sweltering days where the only place to be is inside. And yet, sometimes our homes dont give us the respite we need, leaving us little choice but to turn to the air conditioner to beat the heat.

For those wanting to make a different choice for their wallets and the environment, ceiling fans offer a solution that is practical and beautiful, feeding into passive cooling principles to create environments that are inherently livable – even when the temperatures outside may not be.

beat the heat with KDK U60FW ceiling fan - interior by E+e Design & Build

Featured is KDK U60FW ceiling fan. Interior design by E+e Design_Build

Though ceiling fans are technically not passive, they offer the opportunity to create “hybrid houses” that are passive but also have environmentally sound mechanics. Ceiling fans basically push air around. So when combined with breeze wafting in through open windows, air movement not only drastically improves but is also made stronger.

These days, ceiling fans are as much a statement feature as they are a functional solution. They come in a variety of sizes, designs, colours and materials to suit any interior decor and room size. And it’s safe to say that KDK offers the best range of energy-efficient DC ceiling fans to choose from.

Beat the heat with KDK U48FP ceiling fan_ interior by Posh Living Interior Design

Featured is KDK U48FP ceiling fan. Interior design by Posh Living Interior Design

It’s Home Starter Kit Maxi which includes a U60FW DC ceiling fan, a U48FP DC ceiling fan and an N40HS stand fan is especially perfect for new residences. This limited-time bundle available from February to June 2021 looks to solve much of new homeowners ventilation needs. Plus, all models have the 1/f Yuragi flow that simulates a comfortable natural breeze through a fluctuating pattern.

The two ceiling fan models feature KDK’s signature 3D blades that are designed to provide maximum airflow with minimum sound disturbance. They are also equipped with the world’s first patented enhanced Safety Design feature, which keeps the blades in place and secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook – ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.

Both the U60FW and U48FP models even boast the added functionality of LED lights, which allow users to adjust the brightness and even select different colour settings to create the desired room ambience. While the former is suited for larger rooms thanks to its five 60-inch blades that spin at nine speeds, the latter is ideal for smaller rooms with its three 48-inch blades that spin at nine speeds.

beat the heat with KDK N40HS fan

Featured is KDK N40HS stand fan

The mobile N40HS stand fan makes a perfect complement to the ceiling fans. Place it anywhere in your home to help cool a room faster through the oscillating function or keep the fan stationary for direct blast of cool air. With three speed selections and adjustable height, it is clearly designed to please.

Modern and sleek in design coupled with superior cooling performance, these KDK fans are all you need to beat the heat. They also help keep your electricity bill manageable.


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