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Lighting System by MK Electric

Take charge of your living environment the smart way with the Astral Advanced Lighting System.

At the core of technology and its advancements is the human desire to make daily living easier, faster and simpler. And it is this same impetus that drives the Astral Advanced 
Lighting System. It is a smart system that lets you control your living environment in an intelligent and intuitive way.

This wireless system allows you to activate and control lighting and electrical equipment such as the television and air-conditioner with a single handheld controller, a touchscreen panel or even your smart phone.

Astral incorporates the award-winning ZenSys RF communications technology, also known as Z-Wave®, which communicates via a two-way radio frequency (RF) signal with handheld devices. These devices form a MESH, an invisible network of devices that allows signals to be routed around obstacles, letting you control equipment and lighting from any point in your home instead of requiring line-of-sight communications. To give you peace of mind that the tasks are done, signals sent out will be diverted back to the user to indicate acknowledgement and confirmation.


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