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Ariafina by Fujioh

Enjoy hassle-free cooking with Ariafina kitchen hoods from Fujioh.

Ariafina by Fujioh

Cooking can be a rather therapeutic and fulfilling activity. That is, until you realise the clothes you hung out to dry smell like last night’s dinner or the walls have become so greasy that you’re itching for a full-on spring-cleaning. But why go to all the trouble of cleaning up when you can spend that time with your family and loved ones? Yes, you can save time and energy with the Ariafina kitchen hood 
range from Fujioh.
The Ariafina collection is a sensuous blend of Italian sophistication with revolutionary Japanese technology, engineered to make your life easier. The kitchen hood in this series can trap up to 2.5 times more cooking fumes than your typical cooker hood, thanks to its ground-breaking Rectifier Panel. This component is capable of capturing greasy fumes from all directions instead of the single, upward flow.


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