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ARCHT One speakers from ARCHT Audio

The ARCHT One wireless speaker combines great surround sound in a beautiful modernist design.

Looking for wireless audio speakers that look good and sound great? The ARCHT One should be something to consider. In October 2014, ARCHT One debuted on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter, and quickly gained traction and support from the online community. With the successful public backing, ARCHT One is now ready for the public. 

The ARCHT One breaks the conventional design of speakers – boring rectangular boxes – and presents itself in a modernist rocket-shaped package. It comes in three glossy colours, namely black, white and red, that can easily blend into almost any interior design.

It’s not just good looks that make the ARCHT One a strong contender for sound enthusiasts, it boasts a unique 360-degree surround sound that’s easy to set up. Thanks to its patented Sound Array, this compact speaker produces consistent audio in all directions. Unlike other speakers, ARCHT One can be placed anywhere in the room, and no matter where you’re standing, the sound remains consistent.

The ARCHT One also has a companion mobile app that allows for dynamic room optimisation. The phone detects where the speaker is in your room, and automatically optimises the sound for the best listening experience.




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