6 Cool Household Inventions That Neat Freaks Will Appreciate

Easily irked by the sight of a messy home? We recommend some design-savvy remedies just for you.

So you might suffer from a mild case of OCD. The sight of uncoiled cables agitate you, while random stationery being thrown around the study table makes the veins on your temples throb. We understand your hate of mess and found some ingenious inventions that will indulge your need for total tidiness and complete organisation. By Arman Shah.

Hideaway (cable organiser)

Hideaway Cable Organiser 03

Many of us are guilty of depending on that one electrical power point at home to charge all of our gadgets, leaving behind a messy tangle of wires that look like a diabolical snake pit. With the Hideaway Cable Organiser by BOSIGN, you can keep those cables out of sight. Simply stow them within a sleek container while still charging your favourite electronic devices like your iPhone, Ipad and laptop in one location.

$69.90 from HipVan

Cozy Remote Control Tidy (remote control holder)


Cozy Remote Control Tidy 02

Before you turn your whole living room upside down in your desperate search for that cursed remote control, get the Cozy Remote Control Tidy by J-ME. Currently available in red, purple, black and white, this remote control holder – uniquely-designed with non-slip rubber – lets you keep up to four remote control devices safe and snug in one place.

$22.90 from HipVan

My Deer (accessories tray)


My Deer Accessories Tray

Developed a knack for misplacing personal items? Consider getting this accessories tray by Qualy. Aptly named My Deer – don’t we all love a good pun? – this well-conceptualised design lets you hang your glasses, car keys, rings, watches and what have you on the majestic antler of a plastic deer model. The downscaled version called My Little Deer is also available.

$31.92 from Naiise

Indoors (door organiser)


Indoors Door Organiser

If you consider My Deer to be a little too feminine in design, opt for the relatively masculine Indoors by Monkey Business. The forgetful ones will appreciate how this door organiser congregates all your important personal items in one location, giving you the assurance that you have everything just before you step out of the door and tackle a brand new day at school or work. Simply connect to the door eyelet to mound.

$29.90 from Naiise

Mr & Miss Wave (stationery holder)


Mr & Miss Wave 01

Keep your collection of pens and pencils neatly organised on your desk with Mr & Miss Wave. Minimalistic in design (Mr Wave is square-shaped while Miss Wave is circular and slightly wider), they let you slide your writing tools into their wave-like moulds and prevent your pens from falling off the table and out of sight. Apart from functioning as slick stationery holders, they can also be used as stylish paper weight.

$25 from Cluster-Cluster

Paw (below-the-desk holder)


Paw 01

Unless you operate best when your room is a functional mess, a messy table will probably hinder you from having a productive day. Paw by Artifeq aims to solve that very problem. Simple yet brilliant, this below-the-desk holder and organiser can be easily attached to your study table for you to keep all your items hidden. Nothing like a clutter-free desk! Available in yellow, teal, gray, blue, orange and black.

$155.15 from Haystakt


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