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Urban resort-themed apartment with a touch of Thai

Design Chapterz transforms a 4-room standard HDB flat into a personalised space that combines an urban resort ambience with elements of Thai culture.

Home Type: 3-bedroom HDB

Floor Area: 1,000 sqft

A 1000-square-foot space for a family of four can become a little crowded in the usual scheme of things. However, loads of imaginative planning, some cultural inspirations, an open plan layout in the living area, and a clutter-free design have all contributed to creating a free-flowing spatial experience for the residents, who comprise a couple and their two children.

The brief given by the owners to interior design firm Design Chapterz was to create a ‘unique’ home that stood out from the average apartment. Choosing an urban resort theme with elements of Thai culture neatly melded into the design script, the designers gave each room in the house a distinctive tailored look conceptualised for that space alone.


Given the compact floor area of the apartment, storage was an important component of design in every room. Storage areas have been incorporated into the design seamlessly and efficiently; Design Chapterz was even able to integrate a walk-in wardrobe for the couple in the limited space available.

Design Chapterz

The open plan living area reflects the urban resort theme to the maximum, with the gold leaf stucco feature recessed into the ceiling making for an excellent conversation starter. A full-height tinted mirror feature wall also conceals the ubiquitous bomb shelter rather well.

Design Chapterz

Mealtimes happen in a restaurant-style fine dining space, enhancing the resort theme. And at the cooking counter in the modern kitchen, the hood and hob are customised with glass panels for easy cleaning and maintenance. Though the colour palette has been kept muted throughout the apartment, brighter shades have been tastefully introduced into the kitchen space by way of patterned tiles as well as cupboard panels in a cheery orange.


The three bedrooms have been designed for purpose without any compromise on style and aesthetics. However, the project wasn’t without its challenges. For instance, accommodating two single-sized bedframes with storage, a study table, and a full height wardrobe in the compact children’s bedroom was a major ask. The designers combined a clever space-saving layout and a light two-tone colour palette on the walls to maximise the space without cluttering it.


The muted palette continues in the master bedroom with the timber finish of the floor extended to the wall panel, which serves as the backdrop for the television. A low raised platform bed is complemented by a low platform seating area adjoining the windows. A walk-in wardrobe is a standout feature in this room, carrying the timber finish floor for design continuity.


The third bedroom was converted into a ‘manicure’ room for the wife and her friends to use over the weekend, with the stylish and modern space featuring a feminine fuchsia theme. The worktable is appropriately illuminated by a series of elegant pendant lights.


The two bathrooms serving the bedrooms are fitted with accessories sourced from Thailand. Carefully selected rustic tiles complete the picture, while a golden washbasin takes centre stage in the master bathroom.



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