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The Modern Resort by Atelier Concept

This is a home that embraces nature but places an urban spin to the look

Home Type: 4-room condominium

Floor Area: 1,062 sqft

The “resort” look has always been a popular interior design style in Singapore. For the last decade or so, HDB dwellers, condo-owners and landed home owners have always wanted to have a home that looks like it belongs on a beach resort. But over the years, the look has gradually modernised. Nowadays, the resort-inspired home is cleaner, brighter and bold enough to mix and match different wood accents.

This is best exemplified in this 4-room condominium designed by Atelier Concept. The homeowners wanted a typical resort feel, but the designers suggested a look that’s more contemporary. The basis of the design is still there: dark wood accents, faux rafters on the ceiling, a natural colour palette and warm lights to bring the look together. The twist however, lies in the use of these materials: a mural of tropical trees in the bedroom, heavyset furniture made from sturdy dark wood and a contemporary kitchen.

Instead of sticking to a single type of wood, Atelier Concept used different wood laminates to add texture to the space. There are ashwood walls in the study, lighter oak on the storage cabinets and darker tones on the TV feature wall, to name a few. The result is a home that embraces nature but places an urban spin to the look.









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