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The Modern Asian

This house at Almond Crescent features a subtle Asian influence that embraces the exoticism of the east without obvious Balinese or Oriental references.

Asian inspiration come in subtle forms in this house at Almond Crescent designed by Earth Living. There are no obvious Balinese references or Oriental motifs, but there is something about the deep warm colours and finishes used in this home that bring to mind the exoticism of the east. The spaces feel lush and easy, with carefully appointed finishes forming the foundation of the interior.

A walnut-covered feature wall stands as a modest but effective anchor to the spacious living area. An all-in-one feature, it is at once a console for the home entertainment system, display case for special mementos and storage for hiding unsightly knick-knacks. Meanwhile, the open kitchen, and dining area subtly meld with the living room, creating one large, roomy space. The use of dark wood surfaces visually unify the different zones and bring a naturally cosy ambience to the home.


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