A pared-down industrial interior for two

Meter Cube Interiors overhauls an HDB unit and creates an industrial-style home for the couple.

  • A pared-down industrial interior for two

  • A pared-down industrial interior for two

  • A pared-down industrial interior for two

  • A pared-down industrial interior for two

With its many references to the bare-boned interiors of commercial spaces, the industrial style is not one that most home owners tend to gravitate towards. But for the young couple who own this five-room HDB flat, it was exactly what they wanted to recreate in their new home.

Such interiors are also inspired by New York lofts. One central feature of these type of dwellings is a sense of openness where spaces flow easily into one another. To achieve this look within the confines of the 1,184-sq-ft space, designer Kurt Lee of Meter Cube Interiors called for a makeover of the old apartment.

A New Plan
One of the things the owners wanted was a walk-in wardrobe. So we hacked away part of the dining area. This allowed us to create more space for the walk-in wardrobe and even a passageway to the bedroom, -says Kurt. As for the dining area, we hacked away one of the bedrooms to create space for it. Doing away with one bedroom may sound like a major decision, but it was no big issue for the couple since the apartment originally came with three bedrooms.

With the new layout, Kurt was able to incorporate a foyer that now strategically blocks the view of the rest of the unit from the entrance. Here, a suspended shoe cabinet is tucked into the corner.

Keep it Simple
Cement screed flooring has been employed for the entire unit, but the home does not lack warmth. In the living area, a plush green rug interplays with wood finishes. The rest of the home also sees wood tones used liberally. Kurt has kept the material palette simplified – the wood-patterned laminate finish is consistent throughout and lighting fixtures are mostly in black – for that pared down look.

In the living area, the brick wall that fronts the space is the main draw. Track lighting overhead serves to highlight this feature. To make full use of the wide stretch of windows in this area, Kurt lined it with a counter and some stools, turning the area into a perfect spot for looking out to the greenery. The dining area and master bedroom are furnished with the key pieces only, yet the look of these spaces is far from spartan. An oversized mirror in the dining area and statement lamps in the master bedroom serve as a surprising juxtaposition to the quiet lines in the respective spaces.

Functional yet chic, this home is also a showcase of strong collaboration between the designer and owners. The owners sourced for the lighting themselves, but we will discuss if the pieces would work [with the interior] before they bought them, - says Kurt. They are very happy with the project. It fits exactly what they wanted something simple without too much storage space, but also modern and spacious.


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