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Bespoke Touches to a Bungalow by D’ Initial Concept

D’ Initial Concept revamps a bungalow and gives its a fresh, new lease of life

Home Type: Bungalow

Floor Area: 9,500 sqft

Clever space planning can go a long way, especially with a little help from the right interior designer. Design firm D’ Initial Concept are purveyors of this philosophy, as exemplified by this 6-bedroom bungalow they helped to design. The owners wanted to revamp their home while adding in some personalised touches to meet each individual’s lifestyle needs. The designers reconfigured the layout, introducing open and airy communal areas and plenty of storage spaces for the entire family.

In the living room, a mix of materials – including homogenised tiles, mirror panels and other glossy surfaces – sparks off a sleek and spacious effect in a relaxed setting. Equally as impressive is the youngest son’s bedroom, where the designers had maximised the space with built-in carpentry. The colour scheme is mostly soothing neutrals but adding a subtle dose of colour is turquoise, used on shelf backings and cabinets.

Another highlight in this spacious bungalow is parent’s walk-in wardrobe. It’s a bright and spacious room with clear mirror panels, glass shelving and red velvet serving to accentuate the glamour of this space.


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