A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

When the owners of this 5-room HDB flat hired JX Design, top on their brief was their desire for distinctly separated private and public spaces. Designer Goh Cheah Sheh has taken this directive and given them so much more: a fun barn-style concept, and rooms that connect with one another.

  • A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

  • A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

  • A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

  • A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

  • A HDB flat inspired by barn houses

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,390sqft

Text by Janice Seow

Knowing how fond the owners were of the times they spent in Australia, Cheah Sheh decided to capture the mood and feeling of the place by designing the flat to look like a modernised barn house. This was achieved through the incorporation of elements such as white painted wooden panel strips that run across the entire wall separating the public and private zones. The sliding door to the family room can also be closed for privacy, or opened to create a more open and fluid space.

A television feature wall not only provides functional storage but also demarcates the dining and living area, thus ensuring that each space remains semi-private. Simple furnishings and large format compressed stone tiles were selected for the public areas to promote a clean and airy atmosphere, while a string pendant lamp in the dining zone furthers the home’s relaxed and casual vibe.

The use of wooden panel strips continues in the dry kitchen area. Wooden shelves add a slight rustic touch and give the family ample space to display cookware and objects from their travels. The island counter is also a great spot for a casual bite or simply to gather around.

The designer has created an intimate and modern luxe space using compressed quartz for the countertop, grey stone-look tiles for the walls and floors, as well as matt black bathroom accessories. The mirrored cabinet doesn’t just provide functional storage but also hides the ventilation window. A shelf below the counter in wood-look laminate provides more space to store things.

One enters the master bedroom via a walk-in wardrobe. A separate door in the walk-in wardrobe also leads to the grandfather’s room, which is connected to the kids’ room that the grandmother and helper also share. All rooms can be accessed via the common corridor, with the exception of the kids’ room, which can only be entered via the family room.

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