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A timber screen completely transforms this home

A beautiful timber screen stretches from the foyer to the living and dining area and culminates at the master bedroom, binding the new and the existing as one.

White marble flooring, dark wood and white plastered walls initially imbued this private apartment with an atmosphere of impersonal formality. The new homeowner, however, preferred a lighter and more welcoming feel. He requested that Studio Wills + Architects fit out the existing interiors in such a way that it would be in line with his taste for mid-century home decor.

With the the extent of the renovation limited to the living, dining areas and master bedroom, Ng William and Wu Shan Yat from Studio Wills set out to find a solution that would bind the new requirements and the existing interior as one. The intervention, as they call it, is a timber screen that stretches from the foyer to the living and dining areas before continuing its way around the platform bed and ending at the study.

At the foyer, this screen houses a shoe cabinet, and as one moves into the house, it functions as a wall covering, window dressing and enables the relocation of existing sockets and switches with minimal hacking. Inside the master bedroom, it helps to define the separate areas of study corner, platform bed and a cosy nook. Collectively, the screen sets the ‘stage’ for arrival, entertainment, relaxation, dining and resting and forms a backdrop for the owner’s collection of mid-century furniture.

web_Studio Wills_#9_Diagram

Brass accents such as light fittings, door knobs, edging and trimmings complement the timber screen while loose furniture were specially chosen to unify the screen and the original material palette for a comfortable, cohesive look and feel.

Photography by Beton Brut



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