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A stylish penthouse dictated by feng shui

Design firm Poetus shows us how the clean and contemporary design of this 3-bedroom penthouse adhered to feng shui principles.

Home Type: 3-bedroom penthouse

Floor Area: 1,600 sqft

This apartment designed by Poetus appears bright, comfortable and spacious, but hardly anyone would know, unless told, that its design was influenced by feng shui requirements.


Based on guidelines from a feng shui expert, the open kitchen was enclosed, while doors were also relocated so that they didn’t face each other.

The living room is a picture of serene sophistication, but hides the fact that the floor plan has been altered to meet feng shui needs.

Poetus Penthouse

Aside from feng shui considerations, one of the most impressive features in this home is the louver-inspired wall, made of strips of wood laminates in clean, vertical lines. It stretches across the entire wall and actually conceals a storeroom as well as the entrance to the kitchen.


Over in the master bedroom, careful space planning affords sufficient room for an en suite walk-in wardrobe, which is enclosed in black tinted glass for a hint of mystery and glamour.


Customised carpentry lines the walls of the study. Storage is maximised with overhead cabinets and a cantilevered desk, all clad in shades of cream, taupe and grey. Despite the room’s small square footage, the built-in system ensures more than enough space to move around comfortably.



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