A striking minimalist residence that embraces its natural surroundings

This home in Victoria, Australia has a design that’s simple and understated, and has been conceptualised as a dwelling that unifies the built form and the surrounding landscape.

  • A striking minimalist residence that embraces its natural surroundings

  • A striking minimalist residence that embraces its natural surroundings

Text by George Krastev

Photography by Shannon McGrath

The driving ideology of this minimal yet inviting family home is one of interaction between the residence and nature. From the sweeping horizontal views of the natural surroundings to the intimate connection between landscape and interiors, the project has brought the homeowners closer to nature than they thought possible.



“The design for this house stems from an exploration into the absence of what is not necessary, in both building form and detail, which is at the core of sustainable design,” explain  Annabelle Berryman and Sarah Henry, directors of Melbourne-based architectural practice Studio Four.



This three bedroom home has been encased by dark timber and reflective glass, allowing it to sink back into its surrounds and permit the context’s serenity to be the focus of the site.

Indeed, the best vantage from which to appreciate the structure is from the adjacent nature reserve that separates it from the nearby golf course. In turn, the form of the house was defined by the need to satisfy the separation of the public and private space.



The ground floor open plan is comprised of the kitchen, dining and living spaces, with several elements, such as the fireplace, being isolated to provide a level of intimacy.



Elegant gestures, such as framing the beautiful existing tea tree with an unadorned double-height living space and picture window, and channelling the view from the front entrance, have been achieved while maximising the budget and honouring the homeowners’ need for a calming ambiance that welcomes the coastal mood into the home.



The interiors were composed to reflect native flora and fauna, with limed timber floors accented by light oak furniture to contrast the dark external walls.

Full height double glazed windows not only maximise sunlight and provide natural ventilation, but shield the house from the turbulent coastal weather.


Studio Four
www.studiofour.net.au / www.instagram.com/studiofour.net.au


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