A creative duo’s characterful home

Happe Design Atelier focused on creating a cosy environment to welcome the homeowners’ connection to art.

  • A creative duo’s characterful home

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 800sqft

Text by Disa Tan

There’s just something that hits different about this two-bedroom condo belonging to an artist and a graphic designer. It revolves around their mutual love for art and design, and can be keenly felt in their beloved collections of vintage toys and artworks dotting different parts of their charming apartment. Tasked to work in their collectables into the design of the home are designers Ean Chu and Eva Ng from Happe Design Atelier. They reveal: “Their home’s design had to reflect on their personal interests and hobbies, and after further discussion, the idea of incorporating nature-inspired elements came up too.”

Happe Design Atelier focused on creating a cosy environment to welcome the homeowners’ connection to art.

Calming tones of nature have been ushered in with wood-look KD panels on the custom built-ins in the communal zones. It is seen on the two-sided divider that demarcates the living area from the kitchen. To better blend in with the nature-inspired neutral palette, the designers were mindful to instil simple lines for the built-in designs. The result is an inviting space, with curtains employed at the doorway to block the sight of the front entrance and enhance the private and cosy atmosphere.

Happe Design Atelier focused on creating a cosy environment to welcome the homeowners’ connection to art.

On the design of the custom divider, the designers say: “We decided to include circular details to add interest to the feature.” The legs of the television console and the kitchen countertop behind it are rounded columns, while two openings on the divider are playful peepholes that establish a connection between the living area and kitchen.

Residing on the other side of the living room, the expanded open-concept kitchen was previously an enclosed space and the dining area. To increase storage space, the designers decided to extend the kitchen into the dining zone and move the latter to the balcony.

two-bedroom condo bathroom

The relocation of the dining area in this two-bedroom condo also caters more space in the kitchen to accommodate a small pantry. Glossy square tiles now deck the backsplash and countertops, with a row of bullnose tiles softening the edges. 

KD panels were utilised for the kitchen cabinets as well and the application of finger holes as handles draw out a contemporary design language. It echoes the rounded shape of the peepholes on the divider.

With the spacious balcony offering an enviable view of central Singapore, it made practical sense to convert it into a dining space. Furthermore, the semi-open space is sheltered from weather elements with the installation of outdoor blinds.

Personality also abounds in the common bathroom, which has been turned into a powder and laundry room brimming with retro vibes. The bathroom door features a circular window opening reminiscent of a ‘50 diner swinging door, as does the checkered flooring in black-and-white natural stone.

With no plans for children, the homeowners decided to combine their two bedrooms into one to create an enlarged bedroom with a study that’s separated from the resting quarters by a sliding door.

two-bedroom condo

The king-sized bed faces a full-height display shelf. A serene colour palette of clean neutrals along with a bay window padded settee imbue the room with a restful ambience.

Open shelves in the master bedroom present whimsical-looking vignettes featuring the homeowners’ coveted vintage toys, knick-knacks and books.

two-bedroom condo bathroom

In the master bathroom, double sinks are mounted on a generous wall-to-wall hanging vanity. The curved mirror, wall lights, and two-tone wall treatment of tiles and microcement finish play up the idea of symmetry.

The repeat of square-shaped tiles, this time in a soothing shade of green, encase the shower stall to create a relaxing retreat.

With such restrained colour palettes applied in different areas of this two-bedroom condo, Ean and Eva have created ideal muted backdrops that allow its bespoke blend of styles to shine.

Happe Design Atelier

Photography by Studio Periphery

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