6 dreamy private apartments by Singapore designers

These six beautiful projects by some of Singapore’s most outstanding interior designers show that you can live a truly inspired life in apartments both big and small.

  • 6 dreamy private apartments by Singapore designers

Project type: Private apartment

Text Janice Seow

A common grouse by Singaporeans is that apartment spaces here are so small, it’s sometimes impossible to imagine living in them. Either that, or homeowners find themselves keeping the existing finishes and fixtures that their apartments come with, resulting in a cookie-cutter home that looks just like the neighbour’s

Something great happens, however, when you entrust your home to an interior designer with a creative mind who boldly pushes boundaries. These six shortlisted projects in the Lookbox Design Awards 2017 (Outstanding Private Apartment category) perfectly illustrate this point!

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#1 The Slim Loft

Home to a bachelor in his mid-30s, and his mother, this walk-up loft apartment designed by Studio XMSL is infused with a unique aesthetic derived from the neighbourhood’s (Joo Chiat) cultural identity.




#2 AM Apartment

This brand new 1-bedroom condominium unit with run-of-the-mill finishes is transformed by Wynk Collaborative into a space that feels like a sanctuary, and with a palette that is engaging yet soothing to the senses. The design also makes very efficient use of space.




#3 Interlace 1313

This 4-bedroom condominium unit designed by Wee Studio focuses on the play of forms and materials, soft transitions between different textures and hues, and focal points as “plot twists”. The result is an elegant and modern apartment that’s well suited to a small family that’s based overseas.



#4 Vertis Penthouse

In this 4-bedroom condominium penthouse designed by asolidplan, internal sliding screens with mini windows were introduced to resolve the view dilemma: the neighbours opposite the balcony were too close, yet there is a stunning view of the sea from the side of the balcony. The feel of “a house in the sky” was created, with a more meaningful relationship between the outside and inside, and with unified upper and lower floors.



#5 Bachelor Pad for the Sophisticated Gentleman

Satobent Interior Design has turned a small 1-bedroom + study loft condominium unit into a functional, modern living space with a hint of luxury. This was achieved through the use of a rich and natural material palette, and cleverly designed built-in structures.




#6 Yamasaki Apartment

The homeowners of this 2-bedroom condominium unit were inspired by traditional shophouses, black and white bungalows and the idea of veranda living; the renovation of the 22-year-old apartment by Goy Architects allowed them to enjoy a lofty, yet cosy, environment with soothing filtered light, conducive spaces for conversation and play time for the family.

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