6 covetable dream houses in Singapore

Here are six gorgeous landed property homes in Singapore you wish you live in.

  • 6 covetable dream houses in Singapore

Home Type: Landed property

Text by Louisa Clare Lim


In Singapore, where land is scarce, owning a landed property is considered a luxury. And even more so, if it’s a gorgeous one that’s been designed by a great architect or interior designer.

Speaking of goals, here are six dream houses – they are the shortlisted entries for the Outstanding Landed Home category at the Lookbox Design Awards 2017 – to inspire you!


3A Dalvey Estate House

3A Dalvey Estate House

#1 See Through House

This Good Class Bungalow, designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design is geometrically simple and understated in expression – a modern adaptation of a tropical courtyard house. It’s also a juxtaposition from the conserved colonial house that sits directly across it.


Lookbox_(5) Lookbox_(9)

#2 L House

This is a semi-detached house, by Right Angle Studio. The house was to have a clean, modern and understated luxe feel, and this was achieved by using a consistent palette of natural materials such as wood, stone, metal and concrete. Design features include a series of full-height wooden panels that accentuate the ceiling height, a built-in marble dining table that extends from the kitchen island and bridges the living, dining and dry kitchen zones, bronze-tone mirrors and concealed door panels.


Lowres_TohYi_01_edited Lowres_TohYi_05

#3 Courtyard House

This house, a three-storey corner terrace house with an open roof terrace, was designed by Ming Architects. Having been rebuilt on the existing plot, it now accommodates multi-generational living and maximises both common and private spaces for the expanding family. Previously, the original house was not built to its optimal capacity, and faced the issues of cramped living spaces, lack of daylight and natural ventilation and low ceiling heights.


L1010306 L1010370

#4 Vertical Node

In this three-storey semi-detached house designed by Design Rebirth, an elegant living interior in which to appreciate art was created using different materials, textures, colours and finishes. The client’s paintings and sculptures were carefully curated and positioned around the house to excite guests at different points, taking into account suitable viewing distances.


15_2 15_3

#5 15 SAS

Thanks to The Carpenter’s Workshop, the original single storey inter-terrace house with a low ceiling and limited natural lighting was transformed into a spacious and naturally lit two-storey house. An indoor garden was also created, which brought in both greenery, daylight and ventilation into the house.


Forever_House_(2) Forever_House_(6)

#6 Forever House

By Wallflower Architecture + Design, this modern courtyard house sculpted by two distinct and bold geometric travertine-clad cantilevered volumes was conceptualised as the client’s dream house that would be their definitive family home. Included in the wishlist was a six-car garage and 25m-long pool.


If these gorgeous landed property homes inspire you, you should definitely get tickets to the upcoming Lookbox Design Awards Gala Night to find out who the winner will be, and see more amazing works from Singapore’s top designers!


Tickets for the LBDA Gala Night, to be held on 14 December 2017, are available here.


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