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5 creative and unique renovation ideas to inspire you

Your home is a representation of your taste and personality; and DSOD Interior has brilliantly put a unique touch in each of these homes.

Hidden storage makes the difference in this four-room flat

Designed by Hock Hoon, smart spatial zoning and custom carpentry work in tandem to create a home that’s bright, simple and comfortable for a couple with a newborn.

Nostalgia and contemporary living converge in this three-room flat

This resale flat has been designed by Happe Design Atelier as a warm and inviting dwelling that alludes to the history of its neighbourhood.

Home as urban oasis in Vietnam

This rooftop garden in Ho Chi Minh City doubles as an inner-city oasis in which its occupants can truly kick back and relax.

A handsome flat in dark, beautiful shades

Dark is beautiful in this HDB flat conceived by Archive Design where woody surfaces and warm shades lend character and intimacy.

The staircase is a star feature in this Kuala Lumpur home

In an unusual move, the main staircase in this open-plan Malaysian residence has been made a feature in its own right.

A beautiful penthouse converted for openness and privacy

Through a series of clever design interventions, this penthouse designed by Metaphor Studio is now an elegant and comfortable dwelling that a family of five can call their own.

Condo apartment now a holiday home

This home away from home is designed by Parenthesis as a sanctuary from Singapore’s cosmopolitan bustle.

Muji-inspired BTO flat for a simple, minimalist way of living

Obbio Concept designs a tranquil and spacious home centred on simplicity and Japanese design sensibilities.

Inside Britney Spears Beverly Hills mansion

Baby One More Time when it comes to the former Britney Spears’ mansion in Beverly Hills to change hands.