People’s Choice

The loft life – Three-D Conceptwerke

Having undergone a complete overhaul, this once dilapidated walk-up apartment restored by Three-D Conceptwerke is now a breezy open-plan dwelling fit for a bachelor and his dogs.

Special curves – Third Avenue Studio

Concealed within the soothing curvatures of this resale condo is a seamless interplay of secret doors and hidden storage.

An open-plan – Rhiss Interior

In the hands of Rhiss Interior, an old resale flat in Sin Ming undergoes a dramatic transformation to meet the needs of a married couple who spend much of their time at home.

Bright and welcoming – Plush Interior Design

Heeding the homeowners’ preference for a lighter colour scheme, Plush Interior Design elevated the modern minimalist aesthetic, infusing it with a naturalistic and serene ambience.

Cosy colonial oasis – OVON

Designed by OVON, this charming colonial-themed home has all the right elements – ample space, natural light and beautiful beaded walls to suit its homeowners and their lifestyle.

All in the family – Notion of W

With smart space planning and a careful selection of materials, Notion of W has transformed this home into a functional, spacious and family-friendly abode.

Simplicity meets style – MET Interior

In this charming ground floor walk-up apartment, MET Interior harmonises nostalgic elements with simplicity and openness, creating an inviting space perfect for gatherings.

Colour fancy – Insight.Out Studio

Sparked by the homeowners’ love of colours, funky shades and art come on strong in this truly characterful resale flat designed by Insight.Out Studio.

Lavish scenes – Inizio Atelier

Using nature-inspired and premium materials, Inizio Atelier has turned a standard apartment into a luxurious escape for a homeowner who lives alone.

New luxe – I.D.I.D

A young couple with three children enlisted the expertise of I.D.I.D to design a home with spaces that would exude modern luxury while meeting the practical demands of family life.