Multi-functional designs that are perfect for small homes

Be inspired by these homes that make the most of the space they have

Multi-functional designs that are perfect for small homes

With square footage being a prime commodity in sunny Singapore, we have no choice but to make our functional spaces work twice as hard. You know what we mean: your dining table is also where your kids sit down to do their homework, the living room couch is where family TV dinners are held, and the bedroom is a versatile space that juggles multiple functions. You may not even realise it, but we bet your home is already a multifunctional masterpiece. Here are some of our favourite homes that best exemplify how to make the most of the little space you have. By Deborah Jane Goon.


A foyer catch-all that can do almost-everything

Mint-&-Pistachio_LookBoxLiving060514_28Interior design by Mint & Pistachio

This little home designed by Mint & Pistachio has lots of clever features that have helped to personalise it for its inhabitants. The foyer itself displays ingenuity in design and offers a glimpse into the hard working nature of the home. A custom made shelf system provides shoe storage, a coat stand, an umbrella rack and bag display so the entrance area stay spotless. This clever solution also helps to keep the rest of the home organised and allows for a bench seat so the couple can put on their shoes easily or just relax and watch the world go by.


An office that works for you

Home Office_TAIMS InteriorInterior design by TAIMS Interior

Most cycling enthusiasts recognise the need for dedicated bike parking that will ensure their rides are conveniently located and kept safe and secure. This home office designed by TAIMS Interior features exactly that. Double bike racks allow the bicycles to stay easily accessible for leisurely rides without taking up too much room. Custom designed storage allows the study room to stay organised with ample space for lazy afternoon reads as well.


A storage and display shelf that can be customised on-the-go

Pinnacle 35Interior design by UPSTAIRS_

In seeking to maximise the potential of this small 1,000 sqft home the interior design team from UPSTAIRS_ took clever design to a whole new level. The customised wall-to-wall shelving system creates ample storage and display space while the large insert bench seating area gives this home the perfect balance between form and function. Foldable walls ensure the space stays versatile so that the living room can be transformed into a guest room, an extended entertaining area or simply a chill out room for the homeowners to enjoy.


An office you actually want to spend time in

Home Office_Interior LibraryInterior design by The Interior Library

Out with the mundane, sterile home office and in with the multi-purpose leisure room. Customised wall-to-wall shelving transforms this room into a 4-in-1 space that definitely ticks all our boxes. Designed by The Interior Library, the highly organised space functions as a study, reading room, music room and TV area as well.


A bathroom that’s built to entertain

506Interior design by Design Rebirth

There’s something seriously decadent about having a TV in the bathroom. It screams luxury living and literally allows you to stay informed or entertained evenyou are being refreshed. Designed by Design Rebirth, this sleek masterpiece gives new meaning to the term multi-tasking. We absolutely love the subtle surface choices and minimalist design that gives this bathroom its unassuming yet stunning ambience.


Bay windows that give new meaning to the term ‘home garden’

Balcony_Window-GardenInterior design by AO Design

One of the best ways to give your home a sense of peace and harmony is to try your hand at gardening. Home to the business owner of Small Space Sprouts (an indoor garden specialist), this indoor solution to planting your own food is really a dream come true. Vertical shelves with in-built plant beds and hanging planters allow the large window space to be maximised. Home grown herbs, a large window seat and plenty of life-giving oxygen add to the winning features of this exceptional space.



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