Design Notes: Creating a stylish and storage-efficient entrance foyer

Make the most of vertical space in your entrance foyer, and integrate both functional and decorative design elements.

  • Design Notes: Creating a stylish and storage-efficient entrance foyer

Text by Louisa Clare Lim

In small-space homes, entrance foyers tend to be neglected or not well designed to accommodate enough storage space for shoes, umbrellas and other essentials. Furthermore, the entrance foyer is actually a very important space of the home – it’s the first thing that greets you and that guests encounter! So be sure to make a good impression.

Take a leaf out of this designer’s book:



This entrance foyer of a 790sqft DBSS apartment designed by Free Space Intent cleverly addresses the issues of styling and storage. Slim tall cabinets line the full stretch of the wall, but one end of the cabinet wall features a “cut out” niche that provides the opportunity for displaying decor objects and curios. Meanwhile, the tall cabinets are finished in predominantly white laminate, which helps it blend into the wall.

Almost full-height, the wall-hung cabinets are installed at a certain height – leaving a gap just big enough for shoes to be neatly stored in a row. Frequently worn footwear can be placed here; out of sight, but within easy access. Adding further interest and style points to the area is the pebbled flooring underneath.

This simple, functional and visually pleasing design maximises the entire vertical space!



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