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Celebrate Your Singaporean Spirit At Home

During the SG50 celebrations, why not create a patriotic feature wall that celebrates both our Singaporean spirit and family togetherness?

Home is where the heart is. As we ponder Singapore’s progress from a sleepy fishing village to the economic powerhouse today, it is worthwhile to think of the sacrifices our parents and members of our extended family made to get us to this point, and what we have to do to ensure a continuation of such solidarity to our children. Our shared identity as a country is evident everywhere during the SG50 celebrations. This August, as we prepare to welcome our friends and family over to spend the long weekend, why not create a patriotic feature wall that celebrates both our Singaporean spirit and family togetherness? By AkzoNobel.

Colour Your Feature Wall

Copper Orange, which is AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2015, is a warm and comforting hue that signifies the sharing of good times, happiness and aspirations, just what home should be. Match the colour with neutral shades in your furniture pieces and accessories. Neutral colours range from light tints like cream to darker shades like chocolate or charcoal. Create your own cosy corner where you can always come back to, and feel safe and loved, in your home that is Singapore.





Photo Montage Feature Wall

Create your own ‘photo cloud’, using different sizes of family pictures. You can also organise it in a spiral pattern, to create a fun family timelline. Since this is a significant year for Singapore, you might event want to stencil in the SG50 logo, available from, and surround it with large and small photos of family gatherings. You might also want to consider framing up memorabilia such as postcards from family holidays, concert tickets and even birthday cards.



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