Beginner’s Guide To A Fab Bathroom

Renovate your bathroom to look good and offer the best of creature comforts

Beginner’s Guide To A Fab Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom for the first time? The ideal situation is to end up with a bathroom that not only looks good, but also offers the best of creature comforts. Here are some suggestions to customising your own fab bathroom space. By Rossara Jamil.



Brighten up your daily ritual with a cheery shower. Meant to be used in a kid’s bathroom, nothing’s stopping you from having the Grohe Flower showerhead in your own bathroom to perk up your mornings.





Forget the predictable bathroom sink; you want something beautifully unconventional. You’ll also want a sink that’s roomy enough to contain the water splashes. The Hatria Abito washbasin ticks all the right boxes, and scores a few additional points with its matte rose hue and elegant curves.




Choosing a toilet roll holder isn’t the most glamorous part of renovating the bathroom, but it’s definitely a necessity. A minimalist holder that doesn’t take up much space – both physically and visually – helps keep the look sleek and streamlined. Check out the 7651 toilet roll holder for inspiration.




The mirror cabinet is a staple for any bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be a predictable, ubiquitous fixture. The innovative Happy D2 Mirror Cabinet is jam-packed with features you never knew you wanted in the bathroom: motion sensor LED lights and a built-in soundsystem.




Installing a towel rail in your bathroom helps to keep the space neat and clean. It may not be a priority during the reno process, but when it’s time to take a shower, you’ll be glad there’s somewhere to keep your towels dry. We like this towel rail for its multiple railings, perfect for families and couples.





When choosing a faucet, you’ll never go wrong with a sleek design. The Kludi Amba faucet has a beautiful, organic form that’s different from what you’re familiar with, but is intuitive to use. Best part? It’s really easy to clean.




For water closets, opt for those with compact tanks. A powerful flushing system with water-saving features also help to save on water usage. The Geberit Duofix has a concealed cistern, perfect for smaller bathrooms.




Give your bathroom a technological advantage. Instead of the regular taps, faucets and mixers, opt for the technologically advanced ShowerSelect Thermostat. Control the water flow, water temperature and spray type with just a push of a button.






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