7 Homes That Go Bold With Pattern

These 7 Singapore homes go all out with prints and patterns. Too much or just right?

7 Homes That Go Bold With Pattern

In Singapore, most homes have an interior design that is just plain white and “modern contemporary”. Time to break out of the mould and dare to be different. Want a home that makes a lasting impression? Patterns are the way to go. Here are a few Singaporean homes that go bold and beautiful with prints and patterns. By Rossara Jamil.


Tell A Story


While most homeowners put art on the wall or hang up a family photo, the owners of this ground-floor condo apartment wanted something personal and significant in their lives. They turned a large blank wall into a design highlight by creating an oversized mosaic (inspired by stained glass art) made with irregular cut tiles. The handmade work of art tells the story of David and Goliath, and is the perfect backdrop for the family. Design by Museum Homes.


Batik Bounty



Love the nostalgic look? With Singapore’s melting pot of cultures, why not go all out in mixing influences and introducing some stylish colour to your home. Combine industrial-style bricks with colourful Peranakan-influenced tiles as an accent in the area. These designs aren’t just exclusive to Asia, as they’re also common in Mexico, Brazil and many other countries. Design by Linear Space Concepts


Grand Gestures


Make a grand statement and transport your room to exotic locales with wall-to-wall wallpaper. Here, a stunning view of tropical jungles brings the homeowners to colourful colonial times. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and visual elements within one space. The trick is to stick one main colour, and then layering different shades of that colour. Design by Design Intervention.


British Invasion


Patterns are excellent for creating a themed home. In this home, the chequered floor tiles and Union Jack motifs encourage the Mod design that recalls the free-spirited fun of Britain in the 60s. This home also shows that lighting plays an equally important role in creating the right look. Design by ID Emboss.


Be Adventurous


With the large variety of beautiful wallcoverings to choose from, you can easily go pattern crazy in your home. Here’s how you can do it without making your interior design look like it belongs in a mad grandma’s home. This home has a fun and lively vibe with its mix of bold and beautiful patterns on the walls and beams. If you want to be daring and different, go all the way. Design by Mint and Pistachio.


Glamour Haven


The abstract honeycomb-inspired pattern, the yellow, grey and white colour combo and the innovative ways the pattern is used throughout the room make this home a clear winner. There are countless ways to incorporate patterns into your home, and here, the interior designers create a customised wall behind the bed, and replicated the design on the partition that leads into the walk-in wardrobe. Design by The Orange Cube.


Let’s Go Psychedelic


Want a quick update to brighten up your living room? All you need is brand new wallcovering. The rainbow-coloured wallpaper here is a strong, mood-lifting backdrop to the subdued colours in the rest of the home. Design by D5 Studio Image.



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