5 Singaporean homes that put a twist to the Industrial look

We highlight five houses in Singapore that show how you can bring the grungy ruggedness of old factories and warehouses into your living space.

5 Singaporean homes that put a twist to the Industrial look

The industrial design trend is still going strong, and we’ve seen more than our fair share of homes with brick walls, cement screed floors and wood and metal accents. But every now and then, we stumble upon a home that takes the fundamentals of the Industrial look, and gives it a fresh spin that’s worthy of a second look. Here are five homes in Singapore, ranging from HDB flats to condo apartments, that have adopted the industrial aesthetic in different ways. By Arman Shah.

Cement flooring with timbre furnishing




Playing around with complementary textures is key in achieving the Industrial aesthetic. The interior design team from Meter Cube managed that by balancing the wooden furnishing with cement screed finishing on the floor to give this home a warm yet edgy feel. The wood texture of the built-in furniture also lends a sense of ruggedness to the home. But when paired with colourful furniture, this apartment takes on a different level of class. Check out the rest of the home here.

Brick walls in a contemporary setting




The red brick wall is a mainstay of the Industrial look. Introducing this to your home effortlessly adds texture and depth to any space. Here, D’ Initial Concept incorporated the walls into this condo apartment, but matched it with a contemporary interior design. This refreshing twist gives the home a more laidback appeal without having to adhere to the material palette associated with a specific look. The kitchen features a half-length brick wall to complement the adjoining glass enclosure, while the living room features a floor-to-ceiling brick wall that brings all the design elements together. The rest of the home, found here, is just as impressive.

Metallic lighting fixtures




Metals like iron, steel, brass and copper are essential components in the Industrial look. The designers from Linear Space Concepts strategically incorporated this design element into this New York-inspired HDB flat by substituting traditional fabric lampshades with decorative lighting units that have interesting metallic features. See the rest of the home here.

Monochromatic scheme




Cement screed can be found in any Industrial interior. But when paired with a sleeker, arthouse-inspired design, the results can be impressive. In this home, the team from Upstairs designed this HDB flat by contrasting the cement with sleek white built-ins. The shelving units in the living room are left predominantly white, while the tabletop in the kitchen is left unpainted, leaving behind an alluring shade of cement grey. See the rest of the home here.

Playful eclecticism




While there is a set of conventional rules that you can adhere by to achieve the Industrial look, feel free to throw caution to the wind and come up with your own interpretation of the design concept. This 4-room HDB flat – designed by Linear Space Concepts – combines the homeowners’ love of colours, patterns and vintage accessories to create a look that’s described as “Industrial kampong”. See the rest of the home here.


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